9 October 2015

Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

Reviewer: Kayla
Author: Marie Lu
Pages: 371
Format: Hardcover
My Rating: 5/10

Summary (Goodreads. Da real MVP):

Injured and on the run, it has been seven days since June and Day barely escaped Los Angeles and the Republic with their lives. Day is believed dead having lost his own brother to an execution squad who thought they were assassinating him. June is now the Republic's most wanted traitor. Desperate for help, they turn to the Patriots - a vigilante rebel group sworn to bring down the Republic. But can they trust them or have they unwittingly become pawns in the most terrifying of political games?

My Thoughts:

I don't know what happened, but I just stopped caring. I stopped caring about the world, the story, the characters. The appeal disappeared, other books sparked my interest, but despite these technicalities, I am still able to appreciate the story for what it is. It just seems so much like so many other dystopias I've read that it doesn't feel unique anymore. Both June and Day annoyed me on multiple occasions in this book, and their wavering relationship is so unstable that I've lost interest. I saw little to no character development in either of them, but I did enjoy Anden. He’s a fresh face to both the series and the Republic, and I support him and his decisions. He is a lil baby I need to protect cause clearly June isn’t doing a good job. I hated the loss of trust between June and Day, and I hate June’s wavering loyalty. It’s like, I’m annoyed how she hasn’t made up her mind. Even if it’s for the wrong side. Just make up your mind, princess!

And I didn’t like the way Day deviated from the plan at the end? It was so out of character? He reiterated his loyalty to the Patriots constantly throughout the novel and then he just abandoned the entire thing? It was so strange, and though I understand why Lu had to write it that way, so Anden could live, it seemed so weird and bizarre to me?

I don’t mean to dwell on the mediocre things and parts that bothered me. I did enjoy finding out the truth and the discoveries Day made (no spoilers). I liked the new landscape, and when the New Elector came into power, it was so interesting how everyone had to take down pictures and memorials of the old Elector right away. It’s such a military kind of system and the whole thing is so surreal and interesting to me. I am intrigued to see where the story goes from here, what June will do, what Day will do.   Of course, I'm going to finish the trilogy, it's only a matter of when

Final Thoughts:
I’m really pissed at myself for not enjoying this book as much as I did the first. Maybe it was life circumstances at fault, and also I've noticed I have not been into dystopians lately. Hopefully Champion will make the time spent with these books worth it.

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  1. I haven't started this series even though I've heard good things about book 1. This makes me want to continue to put it off


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